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My favorite casual boots are from Palladium. Their boots are quite wonderful although lately I feel like they’re stretching themselves a bit thin with their product line.

Palladium Boots continues their urban explorer series Undercity with this look at Las Vegas’ extensive series of underground tunnels. It’s a bit creepy, exciting, and dangerous. I had no idea that some of the tunnels underneath the casinos are rigged with motion detectors.

Palladium Boots ventures to the West Coast to check out some of LA’s hidden and active oil rigs in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Very interesting! I wonder if many people living in LA even know about this.


Photo via AtlasObscura Back in 2007, I posted a quick link to the G-Cans Underground Water Project in Japan. Known officially as the Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel, this massive underground project has been on my list of places to visit since I first found out about it in 2007. Is the public just […]


Palladium Boots takes us on a tour with Odette Annable into some of the hidden treasures of Los Angeles, California. She visits the Rosslyn Hotel (and its underground speakeasy), the Watts Towers, the rooftop of an unfinished Wright property in the Malibu hills, and the Brewery Arts Complex. So wonderful to see this all at […]