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According to the YouTube video description, this video showing a PAN AM 747 taking off from Miami International Airport is special because it is the last flight ever chartered by the airline before it ceased operations in 1991. Interesting!


Me In My Place shot Margot Robbie for Esquire Magazine. You may know her as “Laura” in ABC’s Pan Am (which, by the way…is still not officially cancelled — just suspended, right?).

Karine Vanasse, who plays Colette in ABC’s Pan Am is the most beautiful person on TV right now.


TV Guide is running this retro-looking cover for the upcoming ABC show Pan Am on the inside back cover of their current issue. What a great look! This is one of the few TV shows I’m excited to start watching this coming fall season. It premieres Sunday, September 25th at 10PM ET.

ABC is debuting a new TV show this fall called Pan Am that tells the story of several stewardesses during Pan Am’s golden years in the aviation industry. The show looks a bit like Mad Men in production value (maybe it’s just the time period) and overall it seems like an interesting TV show to […]