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A pancake artist in Mexico

I can’t think of a worse medium to draw with than pancake batter. And yet, this man from Mexico does it so well!

Fstoppers has reviewed the Canon 40mm pancake lens and found that it’s pretty sharp until f/10 and that yes, it does have a lot of focusing noise.


OMG. No. 2 Pencil has posted a recipe for miniature pancakes on a stick! These Pancake Pops don’t just look like pancakes, but they really are pancakes made with real batter and shrunk down to a bite-size state. [via] A great treat for…EVERYWHERE.

The touchscreen of the Rebel T4i seems pretty responsive. If you watch until the end of this video, you’ll hear that the 40mm pancake lens is better suited for video because of its focusing function. Interesting…


It’s not the same size as the 5D Mark II, but here’s an idea of how the new 40mm pancake lens from Canon will look on a DSLR.