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You gotta check this out. Jeff High Smith created this home-made mission control panel that can convert to a homework desk for his son when not in use or play. It’s incredibly complicated, however, he explains the building process very eloquently.

Billy Keyes created this interactive control panel called SketchSynth that allows you to draw on a piece of paper a control panel of any configuration that can be overlaid with digital controls. Watch a demo of it in action above.

Gizmodo has confirmed with video that Canon’s latest 5D Mark III has an unusual flaw that occurs in extremely dark situations when the LCD panel on the top of the camera is illuminated. The light from the LCD panel can apparently affect the auto-exposure settings of the camera and cause it to re-adjust based on […]

Don’t worry if you don’t understand this post title. All you need to know here is that this plasma display is totally being wrecked by a microwave transformer. And the result is both sinister and quite lovely to watch.


Photo: Herman Yung Behind this wood panel is the small crevice that Jimmy Woods sneaks into in The Wizard to leave his lunch box of memories of him and his deceased twin. The shop owner inside the dinosaur would not let anybody go behind there unfortunately.


Cool! For just $30, iFixit will sell you a transparent back for the GSM/AT&T iPhone 4 that’s made of glass! And with iFixit’s fantastic step-by-step installation instructions, this iPhone 4 hack is as easy as ever!