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Using the skin color of different models, Pierre David create a modified version of the Pantone color wheel/chart based off of human skin color. [via]


Available Christmas 2012 (yes, another year) are these Pantone Christmas ornaments in 10 Pantone colors. Nice eh? If you want them this year, you can counterfeit your own, so long as you don’t care about color accuracy.


Images from Big Bang Studio This is the first time I’m seeing this. It looks like Big Bang Studio got their hands on a box of 100 Pantone color chip postcards (by Chronicle Books) and took some photos of this glorious box of color! [via] Check it out and buy a box for yourself!

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Visa and Pantone announced today a joint venture to start producing Pantone-colored credit cards for the masses. The new credit cards come in 4 Pantone colors and can be applied for at this link. Nice, eh? If I needed another credit card I’d try for this one. But I’ve got enough as it is.

This video for the new Pantone PLUS Series shows off the amazing way that Pantone goes about “creating” and splitting colors in their factory office. It’s a wonderful video of the whole color-making process and a great look into some of the 5024 colors that make up the Pantone Plus Series.


Gap and Pantone have launched a colored T-shirt shop adjacent to its flagship store at 54th and 5th Ave. The Gap + Pantone collaboration features Gap’s iconic T-shirts in a variety of official Pantone colors, including Mimosa, which is Pantone’s official color for 2009. The men’s T-shirts will sell for $18 while the women’s V-neck’s […]