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This is great! Perpetual Kid is selling this set of 2 Muffin Top cupcake molds/cups for $12.99.


Photo: Toni Garriga / EPA My friend Maria tells me that every holiday season, traditional Catalonians will celebrate the holidays with a log that poops out presents. I’m not too familiar with it, but I suppose any statue that poops is related somehow to this tradition. And in that sense, this huge statue of a […]

The making and design of the Cadence x 686 rain jacket and pants for cyclists. Cool. I want a set.

I’ll say it again, even in this crazy heat, I’m glad I don’t ride the Subway. I really don’t need to have some random lady’s vag in my face. Ladies, does taking your pants off cool you down faster? I would think taking the top off would do the trick better. Tell me if I’m […]