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Good news guys! United Bamboo’s Paper Bag Jacket is only $480! And yes, it’s authentic brown paper bags coated in varnish! FASHION!!!!


These two bags from¬†Antiatoms will surely play with your head. They’re 100% leather but they look like typical paper bags. The¬†Antiatoms Leather Tote Bag is about $227 USD and the Antiatoms Leather Bag Roll Top is about $172 USD. Definitely not going to be something to toss into the trash once you get home. [via]


Coudal pointed to this very interesting article over at The MoMA about the history of the paper bag. While the paper bag has become ubiquitous in delis, homes, and school lunches, the history and its creation are a bit less well-known and it’s incredible that such a simple design was once so overtaken by various […]