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I’ve been thinking about this short a lot lately. It’s one of my favorites from Disney and in my opinion, one of the best things they’ve produced in recent years. If you haven’t seen it, you must. It’s a story about love in an unforgiving city (obviously NYC, but not actually stated as such) with […]

CollegeHumor always taking the innocence out of good things.


Two things: First, Disney runs a fantastic blog called Oh My Disney about all things Disney. In short, this blog is RAD! Second, they made a post entire consisting of animated GIFs of scenes from the award-winning short Paperman. If you couldn’t tell by my Twitter feed, Paperman has become my all-time favorite short as […]


Fast Co. has a nice short write-up about the phenomenal use of technology in combining traditional hand-drawn illustration work with digital CGI to create the beautiful looking Disney short, Paperman.

OMG! I just posted about this yesterday, but didn’t know that Disney had actually uploaded the FULL Paperman short to YouTube. Thanks for the tip BoingBoing! This is my all-time favorite short!

Paperman was my favorite short from last year. It was so wonderfully animated and brought me back to the good days of watching cartoons as a child.