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Tomorrow is the first Summer Streets in NYC! This video shows off how artist Jana Winderen will transform the Park Avenue Tunnel into an immersive diving experience. Should be pretty neat to see if you can stand the lines.


Here’s a photo of the trolley stop in passenger operation sometime before 1935 when the trolley closed permanently. It’d be great to bring the trolley back to Midtown. UPDATE: The photo was taken around 1889.


I’ve posted about the Murray Hill Tunnel Station before¬†and last night I got a chance to see it up close in person. It’s a relic of the past from when the Park Avenue Tunnel, which stretches from about 34th Street to 39th Street, was used as a trolley tunnel exclusively¬†(from 1870 to 1935). Today, the […]

Whoa! I’m really looking forward to checking this Park Avenue Tunnel installation out. The tunnel which normally is open only to vehicular traffic will be open to pedestrians on August 3, 10, and 17 as a part of NYC’s Summer Streets program.