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I love this video. Look at the cars. Everything just looks so much cooler.


Park Avenue tunnel, looking north from Murray Hill Tunnel Station, at 38th Street, on July 17, 1923. (Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) I’ve always wanted to ride my bike through this tunnel. Technically, you aren’t supposed to, but the tunnel is so short that I’d be in and out of there before anybody would even be […]

The line for this tunnel project is ridiculous. I don’t expect that I’ll get a chance to go in here next Saturday, but that’s ok, because I’m content with this video here. It probably gives me a better view of it than being there any way.

Venezuelan artist Rafael Barrios has a series of new optical illusion installations on Park Avenue. They serve as a pretty great contrasting piece against the city’s tall buildings.


Photo: Brian Harkin for The New York Times Did you know that underneath Park Avenue somewhere in Manhattan lies a 200-ton tunnel boring drill head? The drill is soon to be encased in cement and sealed away forever underground because taking the drill out would cost $9 million, an amount worth saving according to the […]

Have you seen this? It’s a video of 29-year-old Chris Branca being pulled by a vehicle down Park Avenue while on skis at around 40mph during the recent snowstorm that hit the city. Snowy conditions in the city are so unpredictable and seeing some guy do this without a worry in the world is just […]