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I missed Allen Ruppersberg’s “You & Me” billboard in February of 2013 (I was living in LA at the time) but I wish I had seen it in person. Looks amazing. It’s an obvious homage to the Colby Poster Printing Company which I just made a few posts about.


So I just found out that Edward Tufte has a 234-acre tree and sculpture farm in Woodbury, Connecticut. It’s called Hogpen Hill Sculpture Park. Touring is by email request only (so don’t just show up). I want to go! More photos inside of this amazing place.

In a surprising twist, China’s wealthy are buying RV’s and going camping to emulate the laid back American lifestyle. If they only knew how the rich really lived in the US… :/

An impressive visual data set from Gensler LA about how a possible town square development at Pershing Square could change the surrounding neighborhood in Los Angeles. Will this actually ever come to fruition in LA? Who knows. But Gensler seems to be on the right track in proving that it could be beneficial for everyone […]