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Not normally considered works of art, Miami’s 1111 Lincoln Road parking structure designed by Herzog & de Meuron, is truly a beautiful thing of concrete. While serving mainly as a parking garage, the space is also used as an event space for the community as well as a private living space for one homeowner at the top. […]

Hilarious! Gawker posted this 6-minute video of a Jaguar-driving man and his inability to properly park within the white parking space lines. The story goes that this man does this very often so the driver of the Toyota pickup decided to park alongside the crooked Jaguar to the point where the driver could no longer […]


Remember that video of the Brooklyn Nets’ underground carousel? Well, it wasn’t the first in NYC. The Hotel Dixie (which today is known as the Hotel Carter) on 43rd Street was home to such an underground carousel back in the 1930′s! The carousel served what was the largest underground bus station at the time. Today, […]

So cool. Japan is on top of the bike storage game with these automated bike parking kiosks. They automatically detect the bike, grab it, and store it in an underground facility — staffed by only robotic arms and lifts — and subsequently retrieves your bike when you swipe your member card.

This is not a skateboard video. It’s a rollerblading video! Watch the part towards the end where they go down the spiral ramp in a parking garage.

A short written by Sam Molleur, Curt Neill and Elisha Yaffe starring Curt Neill, Elisha Yaffe and Patrick Muhlberger in an empty parking garage in LA contemplating murder, life, and other absurdities late at night.