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Great accolades for this Parsons-designed garbage can for the Central Park Conservancy. The trash can recently won the Gold Lion Award for Product Design at the Cannes Festival of Creativity. I like these a lot. If you want to see them, just take a walk through Central Park.

Fellow Parsons alumn Mizy Juhn needs your help making these cute and fun plush pillows a reality! She’s looking to raise $5000 to make an initial line of these pillows and possibly expand into clothing as well. These family heads would make a great gift for all ages! If you donate $10 or more, you […]

A documentary film that looks at the end of Kodak’s Kodachrome film and the last lab that processed film for it. A great look at the history of this amazing color film and how it changed the way we see the world around us. I had no idea that developing Kodachrome film was so labor […]


Another 4×5 scan. Can you tell that I was often very disinterested in my Parsons assignments? Although I loved shooting 4×5, the task of having a teacher breathe down your neck to produce compelling work was enough for me not to bother. I wanted to create on my own time and while I can appreciate […]


Without a doubt I have much more 35mm film stored away than I do 4×5. Over the years, because of the nature of 35mm film, I was able to accumulate mass quantities of it for fairly cheap and accumulate a massive archive that has literally been stored away in bank boxes for years. With my […]


Take a look at this fun photo series of M.I.A. by Parsons alumni Ryan McGinley. The photos supplement a New York Times article about M.I.A.’s past and her current ambitions in the music industry. M.I.A. apparently wasn’t too happy with the fact-checking done by the writer of the article and has gone on the offensive […]