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I really shouldn’t say “my show” since there’s going to be lots of work from other graduating Parsons photo majors as well, but anyway, please do stop by and take a look at all the wonderful work on display. Come say hi, shake my hand, give me a hug, take a picture with me…whatever you […]


Some have been looking forward to this day for 4 years. Others, like me, have been looking forward to being done with school altogether since age 5. So finally, after 17 years of non-stop formal education, I am done! The only thing left now is the gallery opening (and closing) and graduation. Yippee!


Something about a black frame and a thick white border make any ordinary picture look amazing. These are pretty hot. Peep them in person at the Calumet Gallery from May 12-22. And if you can, stop by on Tuesday, May 12th from 6PM-8:30PM for the opening reception where you can meet me and the rest […]


All of the graduating seniors at Parsons The New School for Design are exhibiting pieces of their portfolio at the Calumet Gallery on 22nd Street in New York City this coming May. Yours truly will be showing 2 prized works of art, one of which is shown in the postcard above. The opening reception for […]


Meet my friend Esther Oh. Your children will be wearing her outfits in the future, so you might as well put a face to the name now. Congrats on 4 years of hard work and fun! You’re done!