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A fitting video to end the night since I just purchased new dropbars. Not from NITTO however.


Using a collection of parts leaked from Chinese factories, iLab has been able to assemble a near-complete version of what it believes to be the iPhone 5. Given the other leaks and photos that have come out lately, I am pretty sure this is going to be the iPhone 5. It certainly isn’t a looker, […]


9to5 Mac has more or less confirmed the shape of the new iPhone 5 with high-resolution images from the same people that confirmed that the iPad 2 was going to come in white. Hopefully this isn’t some big prank on the major Mac news website. My hunch is that it’s not a joke and that […]

Christien Meindertsma, author of Pig 05049, is featured in this short TED talk about how all different parts of a pig are used in everyday objects. It’s incredibly fascinating what she’s found and you’ll be surprised how many things you’re surrounded by are made in part with pig.