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This is news to me. I had no idea there was a deleted scene from Titanic in which Jack has to fend off another passenger in the water who wanted to get aboard Rose’s floating door.

On one of the shortest routes available on an A380, this man here flew Emirates First Class and filmed the experience for the rest of us to enjoy. Luxurious! There’s a shower, there’s two decks, and the flight attendants even tuck you in! [via]

Spotify’s Australian blog is quite a good one surprisingly. Lots of good music highlights and Spotify news of course.

OOoohh! This is incredible! I’ve just found video footage of the former IND passenger tunnel on 6th Avenue between 35th and 40th Streets. The tunnel closed in 1991 and sits partially underneath what is now the Macy’s department store. The tunnel was part of the MTA’s system of “unpaid” passages which simply ran underneath the […]