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I would LOVE to never have to type a password ever again. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN ON ALL COMPUTERS IN THE FUTURE.


If you were one of the lucky 250,000 Twitter users today who got an email from Twitter saying that your password was reset, here’s what you need to know (straight from Twitter). I can imagine scammers taking advantage of this situation and sending out their own Twitter password reset emails, so just be mindful that […]

Who hasn’t gone through this aggravating process? Also, remember that a normal password with SPACES is actually more secure than a password with symbols and special characters. Plus it’s easier to remember too.


This is news to me, but Lifehacker just tipped me off to this much better way of securing and locking your iOS device. If you go to your Settings > General > Passcode Lock and turn OFF the Simple Passcode option, you will be offered the option to put in a standard keyboard password. If […]


Not sure if anybody cares like I do, but I’ve uploaded an unlocked, password-free version of the NYC MTA Subway map here to download for free. The advantage here is that this file can be edited to remove lines, surfaces, objects, water, land, etc. to make your own custom map. Enjoy.