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I really enjoyed this fictional story of how a Google high-level programmer compromised the entire Google infrastructure by changing a line of code, and how that eventually led to widespread panic among many other internet users and websites.


I actually like this idea. Maybe not as art, but as an actual owned personal collection of volumes. What Aram Bartholl made here is a series of books that chronicle the horrifying amount of passwords hacked from LinkedIn’s servers earlier last year (2012). The set is 8 volumes each with 800 pages inside that list the hacked passwords […]

Jörg Piringer compiled this video of 25727 passwords obtained by LulzSec (Lulz Security) during their recent string of attacks on porn sites. The video shows one password per frame with the entire video lasting 17 minutes and 22 seconds. According to Jörg, the sound from the video is his “computer reading the beginning of the […]


I love the way Kate Bingaman-Burt made this 16×20 poster print of the 500 worst passwords. I can’t help but think this would have made a great poster in my freshman dorm. [via]