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Patagonia presents DamNation, a film premiering at SXSW 2014 about the destructive force of dams and the history of their construction as a power figure in the American subconscious. The film seems to focus on both working and abandoned/unused dam projects and advocates for their removal to let rivers and streams flow naturally once again […]

I’ve been meaning to check this store out. It looks nice on the outside but I’ve never been inside.

Neat little short film from Patagonia┬áthat aims to get more people to appreciate the things they already own. A great way to combat Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In this film, Patagonia travels all around the world to talk to people who recycle, reuse, and get creative with the things they already have. Directed by […]

Pierre Stachurska and his friend Stine traveled the Patagonian mountains and came back with this video of their amazing adventure. So nice!