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If there’s one thing I love watching on YouTube, it’s glass blowing videos. These glass blowing artists are just simply amazing and talented. This video shows a group of artists making a glass pumpkin patch. Insane!


I really love this CASIS Mission Patch made by Shepard Fairey and commissioned by Fiction. For this patch, Shepard Fairey simplified the look of the International Space Station with a bright green, blue, and white color scheme. To show it off, Fiction unveiled this project at Engadget Expand this past weekend.


This is hands-down the best looking wedding invitation I’ve ever seen. Chris and Leesa’s camping wedding inviteĀ even gets the hand-sewn patch detail in the center. Absolutely gorgeous.


In the same sort of look as the Everything Here Is Wonderful mapsĀ comes this Wonderful patch (also from Best Made Co.). And it’s just $7! Put it on anything!

Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang recover plastic toys and objects from a beach in Northern California and take it all home to clean and make new art out of it. The couple is using the art to make people aware of the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch“.

Umm, who would have thought you could do a temporary tire patch with a dollar bill? I didn’t.