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You can pick up Lotta Kühlhorn’s book Designing Patterns here to get a jump-start on how to design your own patterns.

Wow, I had no idea that all the manufacturing for these Gitman Brothers vintage shirts are made in America.

Here’s a game called Circles that’s basically a modern take on Simon. The game is for iOS devices and it looks lovely!

Check out this laser-cut toaster by Scott van Haastrecht which searches Google Images for the day’s date and prints out a 6×6 pixel image of a random result from the page onto your morning toast. Abstract, but fun to eat!


Wow. I want every single bag in Herschel Supply Co.’s latest Bad Hills collection for 2013! The pattern of birds is inspired by the changing of the seasons. No release date just yet, but expect to see these come Spring for sure!


Gothamist is reporting that the NYC TLC is proposing to once again make some changes to the yellow cab by completely getting rid o the checkered pattern on the sides of the vehicle as well as getting rid of the word taxi. The TLC basically says that there’s no doubt to any resident or tourist that […]