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For the remainder of the day today and all day tomorrow, May Books, makers of fabulous patterned notebooks, is offering a full 50% off on all items at checkout. They are celebrating an amazing day of being featured on Good Morning America this morning. So how do you get 50% off your order? Just type […]


Helen posted this shocking pair of penis/cock leggings made by Bas Kosters Studio. These are available for purchase immediately for $150+. That’s a deal, right?


Photo: IBRoomba Remember that long exposure image of a Roomba I posted back in 2009? Well, it looks like it has sort of become a bit of an artform with people attaching different colored lights to their electronic maids and having them roam around an empty room to see what patterns they can make. This […]


Racked posted this Etsy listing from NOK of a complete pants pattern featuring the face of Hello Kitty. The knit pattern is currently being tested (presumably by an actual infant) and will be sold to anyone who wants it for $6.50.


Man, I love the inside of this Shuttle Bag from The Quiet Life. It’s always small details like that that make me choose one duffel bag over another even though they’re all essentially the same thing. This one comes in navy/red and black/purple for just over $65 USD.