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This shoe looks sick.¬†Haven’t really heard much about it yet, but man I¬†already want it.

If you’ve already seen Nike’s The Chosen of extreme athletes doing their thing in the black of night, then you’ll want to watch this behind the scenes video about filming the skateboarding portion of the video.

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The guys behind MASH followed Paul Rodriguez on a recent trip to San Francisco as he skated around the city and showed off his new collaboration with Incase. The Paul Rodriguez collection is now available on the Incase website in both a skate pack and skate duffel bag variety. Check it out now!


Man, this backpack collaboration between Paul Rodriguez and Incase would have been perfect for my preschool or elementary school days. Look at those vibrant colors! If you like what you see, you can pick it up at the Incase online store for just under $100.