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Terry Richardson just had a photo shoot with the guys from MTV’s Jersey Shore (Vinny, Pauly D, The Situation, and Ronnie). The photos are insane because well…here are 4 of the manliest guidos all hanging out shirtless with Terry Richardson. That in itself is just mind boggling (and it’s sorta funny).

Everyone but The Situation is funny in this video. The Situation is boring. This video is fantastic though. More Pauly D, more!

The REAL Situation (Feat. MTV Jersey Shore’s The Situation, Snooki, and Pauly D) – watch more funny videos In this Funny Or Die clip, Mike “The Situation”, Pauly D, and Snooki realize that they aren’t being true to themselves so they revert back to their normal proper identities…that is, until somebody recognizes them. I’m telling […]

The video embedded above is a must-see if you want to emulate the hairdo of Pauly D from Jersey Shore. That’s right, this is new news!

JERSEY SHORE! JERSEY SHORE! JERSEY SHORE! JERSEY SHORE! OMG, this one is good. But wow, even the cast of Jersey Shore couldn’t save Leno’s dry and boring show.