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Japan Airlines (JAL) CEO Haruka Nishimatsu cut his own pay to an amount below that of his company’s own pilots when hard times hit the airline. He was forced to ask older employees to retire early and had to cut many jobs to keep the company afloat. But rather than simply doing that to his […]


Image from BGR OMG, please let the next iPhone have an NFC payment system built in. I really would not mind ditching my wallet if I could pay for everything by swiping my phone in front of it. That definitely includes paying for Subway fares and I really hope the picture above becomes a reality […]

PAY & SIT: the private bench (HD) from Fabian Brunsing on Vimeo. Fabian Brunsing imagines a world where the relaxing activity of sitting has become a chargeable commodity. Let’s hope it never gets this far.

RSA put together this wonderful white-board animation to illustrate some of the points in Dan Pink’s talk about what motivates people at home and in the workplace. Dan’s talk touches upon the inverse relation between higher pay rewards and better performance results which is a bit counterintuitive to the way many companies pay/reward employees for […]


A new report from UBS puts the average wage of an employee in 73 cities into perspective by showing us how long one would have to work in each city to purchase a McDonald’s Big Mac. If you love Big Macs, Nairobi is not the place for you to be living; Chicago on the other […]

This video hits close to home. Now that I’m basically searching for a job full-time, I come across a lot of job postings that ask for a lot and pay little or nothing at all in return. Granted, some of these job postings I come across are “internships” which is one way companies/people get great […]