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This starter interrupt device is installed into certain vehicles by vehicle lenders to remotely shut down a vehicle (supposedly not while in motion but not so says the woman in the video above). Scary.

I want this payment system in some form. I don’t even care if it’s not Apple Pay. I just want to be able to pay stuff like this on my phone.

Spend $10 on this card reader from Amazon and be on your merry way to accepting credit card payments for anything you want! The fee? A super-small 1.75% on every transaction — much less than the competition.


So the Apple store now sells the Square Credit Card Reader for $10. An odd price considering the fact that the actual reader is free if you sign up for an account on Square. Speaking of which, I just did (yes, I forgot about it for a while there) and now I have a card […]


Image from BGR OMG, please let the next iPhone have an NFC payment system built in. I really would not mind ditching my wallet if I could pay for everything by swiping my phone in front of it. That definitely includes paying for Subway fares and I really hope the picture above becomes a reality […]