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I’m posting this because the mysterious interviewer in these Jimmy Kimmel skits FINALLY gets revealed at the end!

Watch Park Ave. between 41st and 42nd Streets get transformed into a pedestrian plaza!

This is just fantastic! The 110 Freeway, one of the first highways built West of the Mississippi (meaning, it’s pretty old) actually has a pedestrian walkway attached to it. Not a whole lot of people walk in LA near freeways like this because they are known to be quite sketchy areas. I wonder if that’s […]

A lot of the books and articles I’ve been reading lately about urban design talks about this counter-intuitive phenomenon. That is, sometimes, removing traffic lights and making roads seem┬áconfusing, is actually the best way to reduce pedestrian accidents involving motor vehicles. Of course, this is not to be applied in all circumstances, but when assessed […]

Volvo’s pedestrian airbag technology

So Volvo’s V40 has a neat feature with airbags on the outside of the car. What’s this for? It’s in case you hit a pedestrian at low speeds. If this happens, the hood of the V40 lifts up approximately 10cm to deploy an airbag that covers part of the windshield so that the pedestrian being […]


A group called Tri-State has put together maps of pedestrian fatalities in the New York City area from 2009-2011. Each borough has its own map: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and The Bronx. Yep, NYC is still a dangerous place if you don’t LOOK before you cross the street.