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The last bit of snow from this snowy winter here in NYC is finally melting away but not before StreetFilms takes a look at how these snow banks on various street corners in New York City have become unintentional traffic calming devices. Some of these rock-hard snow piles are pushed 8-feet into the center of […]

EcoMobilityTV produced this video that talks about the “war” that the city and its drivers (and pedestrians) have with cyclists. The change that’s been happening to make NYC a more bike-friendly place is jarring to many New Yorkers who have always seen the city being built and managed as vehicle-first priority. But now with bike […]


Korean designer Jae Min Lim observed how people actually cross the street at crosswalks and saw that most people usually cross in curved patterns. Though most crosswalks are straight across from one corner to the other, Lim’s proposed new crosswalk design he calls the “Ergonomic Crosswalk” allows for a more natural flow from corner to […]

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Photo: Kirsten Luce for The New York Times The New York Times has an insightful article about the current state of pedestrian and vehicular accidents in New York City. The article breaks down a recent DOT Pedestrian Safety Study and lays out quite clearly where we might want to be standing in relation to the […]

Sweden always seems to be on the forefront of city planning when it comes to managing cars, cyclists, and pedestrians. In this short video from IBM, you can see how congestion pricing for vehicles has made Stockholm a better place for public transit, cyclists, and pedestrians while also reducing the carbon footprint of the city. […]

Greenlight for Midtown is the project name for the transformation of Broadway from Herald Square to Times Square from a car-centric avenue to one that is friendly to pedestrians and cyclists. In my eyes, the project is largely a success and I credit the DOT’s transformation of the area as a reason why I no […]