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You can grab one of these robust Pelican i1015 cases on Amazon for under $30. Not pocketable, obviously, but perfect for mounting on a boat or Jeep I suppose.

This is one of the weirdest POV’s I’ve ever seen. But it’s just wonderful once the pelican takes flight!

This is a pretty great setup using the Pelican 1500 Case. Everything in one place and securely stored. Is it sad that I have enough GoPro accessories and cameras to actually make use of this giant case?

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A little overkill honestly, but this is pretty remarkable that they managed to make this in such a slim formfactor. I guess it’s a Pelican? Right? With 13 days to go, it looks like they won’t be making their goal unfortunately.


Packed and ready to go. From here on out, I’m using just my trusty S100.