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I love these white and gold pencils for The Little By Little Co. by Pepper & Cinnamon. The pencils are engraved with the phrase A Little Writing A Day / Keeps Me Smiling Away. More images after the jump!


It’s not every day that you find a gift that would be great for lovers and haters. Today, I present to you a book entitled How to Sharpen Pencils. Highly useful for those who are your friends. And also highly useless to your enemies. Tada! Grab it now! Pretty informative I gotta say!


Made from 10oz waxed canvas, the Billie Roll-Up is suited for carrying pencils, art tools, bike tools, and other stick-like objects.

Watch this stop-motion music video made mostly with colored pencils for Melbourne-based Hudson’s “Against The Grain”. The stop-motion music video was made by animator Dropbear (Jonathan Chong). Here’s a behind the scenes on how it was made.