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Haha, doesn’t it look like they’re holding onto the handrail? THEY DON’T HAVE HANDS! Penguins, oh, they’re so silly (and cute)!

It’s Friday, and I desperately needed this video! Watch as these two penguins get flown first class from Atlanta to New York for Discovery Channel’s Frozen Planet documentary premiere!

Hahaha, this report from RT verifies once and for all that penguins do not fall over and die when they tip their heads up to watch planes flying overhead. As for how this even became widely accepted as truth…well, that’s just another story I’d love to hear. [via]

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Photo by Andrew Evans (click to enlarge) Photographer Andrew Evans photographed this incredibly rare all-black penguin in Antarctica recently and National Geographic posted a video of the animal doing the waddle. Apparently this pigment mutation is a “one in a zillion” mutation. I wonder if the other normal penguins stay away from this one.