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Stephen Diaz makes a promo video for the Penny Nickel 27″ Mini Longboard. I’ve ridden these before and they are super fun. I highly recommend getting one for yourself or a friend!

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Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems I love the little details coming out about the Mars Curiosity Rover. For example, this one: The Penny on Curiosity’s on-board calibration target is a 1909 Lincoln Penny and serves several significant purposes. Primarily, it is used as a reference item to compare sizes of things in the camera’s frame. […]


I can’t independently confirm this, but GOOD reports that certain Chipotle locations in New York and New Jersey have begun to ban pennies by rounding down to the nearest 5 cents on purchases. I am all for this because honestly, the penny is so pointless.