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WOW! Buenos Aires built a dedicated bus lane in the middle of a former 20-lane highway in the middle of the city and turned a 50-minute commute into an 18-minute one.

Ahh, the all important Google Search for the stranger in your life!

Is this a proven way of preserving people and then bringing back to life? I mean, if they are frozen¬†after death, what’s the reason what they would be able to be brought back to life? Are these people just waiting for a yet-to-be-invented way of bringing back the dead? The¬†Cryonics Institute is such a puzzling […]

Photographer Daniel Boschung has taken the same GigaPixel photo concept and used it on a single human face, effectively producing an image where you can zoom down into the pores at full clarity. Here’s an example of a man named Enrique. Here’s the rest of the series.