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Why the hell is this happening? Why are heavily armed police raiding a crowd of Ohio sports fans with pepper spray and tear gas?! This is so messed up.


Wow, pepper spray and mace can look this good? With sprays up to 20-feet, this gun should be a decent way to scare off attackers. Just $69.95 and available in 4 colors!! WHEE!

In chronological order with more videos than just this one which I posted earlier.

This is so sickening. Not only does Officer Bologna not have any regard for the citizens of NYC, but he also clearly doesn’t care that his fellow officers are in the line of fire too. [via]

AnimalNY caught up with my friend Chelsea Elliott and asked her to give some comments on the weekend’s pepper-spraying incident involving NYPD and her during the Occupy Wall Street protests. New York Magazine notes that Anonymous has now identified Office Anthony Bologna as the office in white clothes who pepper-sprayed the protesters and unfortunately, his […]