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Haha, I’m glad this didn’t make it into the movie because man it totally would have ruined the way I thought about Doc Brown.


Today is January 16, 2013. It’s been a few days since the 11th which means officially I’ve been living in Los Angeles for 6 months now. It’s weird to think about July 11th and how far away it seems in time yet how close it feels in reality. The move from New York to the […]


This is a pretty spectacular service. Let site44 connect to your Dropbox and it will automatically create a new folder with an index.html file inside that you can edit on the fly. No FTP knowledge necessary. All done within the ease of Dropbox. I like!


I took a lot of photos this week and if you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll recognize all of these. But if not, here’s my weekly recap of California adventures — as seen through Instagram. Click inside if you want to see!  


The shadow proves the sunshine. – Switchfoot Click inside if you want to see. Or just follow me on Instagram: Follow @doobybrain.