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Check out this human interest piece from The New York times about the making of caballitos and the uncertain future of these Peruvian coastal fisherman due to rising seawaters and changing priorities in the younger generations.

Organized crime + abandoned children + sex trafficking. That’s a real situation happening in a small city in Peru and Smarter Everyday helped raise money to build an orphanage to rescue these children. The organization is called Not Forgotten and Smarter Everyday has included information in this video on how to donate to help continue these […]

A new restaurant to try in Beverly Hills. A mix of Peruvian and Japanese fusion. Sounds good!

A small town/village just outside Peru engaged in an annual activity known as dances with scissors (rough translation). Instead of using an instrument, the folks take iron and metal scissors and clang them together as they jump, dance, and throw cactuses on each other. I know, it sounds weird, but the video is wildly fascinating […]