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First off, the paint job. Amazing. Secondly, this all-electric sportscar is a great proof of concept at an early stage that electric racecars do in fact offer plenty of excitement for the driver. Sure, it’s super expensive now, but wait a few years for technology to improve and costs to go down.


Take a look at this photo that Belgian photographer Nick Hannes took of a gas station owner in Greece using his business space for his own wedding venue. A unique view on life in a photographic series exploring the area that used to be the Roman Empire.

Using a documentary called MOTALKO about the first Hungarian petrol/gas station, Mikl√≥s Falvay was able to do some 3D mapping on select scenes from the film and make it look as if the viewer was traveling into the photograph’s plane. Amazing work when you think about how impossible this is to do with a photo […]