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I miss Tygra and Pepper. I miss Oreo and Dusty too. RIP.

The Elephant in the Living Room – Trailer from MainSail Productions on Vimeo. A new movie called The Elephant In The Living Room ventures into the heated debate in the US about raising and owning exotic pets. The movie focuses mostly on two people — Tim Harrison, a police officer whose friend was killed by […]


I’m not actually “drawing” per se (more tracing and then making some stuff up from memory) but I’m on a mission to draw all of my close family, friends, and pets by the time I’m 50. I’m coloring in things arbitrarily so don’t expect to make sense of it. You can follow the process here.

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According to Hammacher Schlemmer, this blanket will deter dogs from jumping onto the couch because the outside material, which mimics aluminum foil, is uncomfortable for dogs and also mimics a sound that is unpleasant for them to hear. I’m really curious to see if this works. [via] Simon, you think we can stitch an actual […]