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I really enjoy this ad from Philips that travels through time to show how little the lightbulb has changed, and how the new Philips hue system can remedy that.

A teaser for the full 12-minute film from Philips, featuring a light up ski suit. See it in full on October 19th.


Beginning January 2nd, Home Depot will be the exclusive carrier of a new Philips LED lightbulb known as the SlimStyle LED. The new lightbulb is different from traditional LED bulbs on the market in that it has no heat sink and it is mostly flat. The bulb is dimmable and is rated for 25,000 hours […]

This is the most BS product ad. Cool product, but this ad is so stupid. The Philips Hue Starter Pack starts at $200 and a single bulb costs $60.

A little bit about the tech behind this year’s (or next year’s?) Philips 2013 ball that drops in Times Square.