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Black Friday: bringing the worst people in your community under one roof. Seriously, these people need to find out what the internet is. Deals can be had just as well on EVERY OTHER DAY OF THE YEAR online.

An adorable and very real PSA about VVS — Vertical Video Syndrome. If you suffer from VVS, please get proper help. Have somebody smack you upside the head and tell you you’re an idiot. Then turn your phone horizontal.


I’m a bit late to this, so hopefully most of you have already seen this deal elsewhere, but in case you haven’t here’s what’s up: All AT&T phones for 1 cent today only (as long as you commit to a new 2-year contract. There are plenty of phones to choose from (I only screenshotted several […]

Google Voice is going to be revolutionary. Google announced today that if you requested an invite that they should be popping up in inboxes real soon.