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BlackBoxTV set up a fake photo booth and proceeded to scare the living daylights out of occupants at the moment of image capture. The last one is hilarious!


This is actually sort of hilarious. A company I used to work for did exactly what PHHHOTO is doing by creating these animated GIFs Photo Booths. The only difference is that PHHHOTO does it much better than we ever could have. So if you’re looking for a unique option for your next event that doesn’t […]


This is a very interesting DIY project from Digital Kitchen called Protobooth. It’s a traditional photo booth setup, except that it uses 3 slightly offset DSLRs hooked up to 3 MacBook Pros which are then connected to a network HDD. And then through a series of automated actions, the 3 images taken from the 3 cameras […]

Philip Bloom made this short documentary on Anthony Vizzari, owner of 312 Photo Booth and collector of old vintage cameras. He’s a cancer survivor living in Chicago who simply loves photography and wants to share his collection with the rest of the world.