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I miss Hong Kong a lot. I’ve been randomly looking at ticket prices to go and all I’m waiting for really is a good time to go where I can stay for maybe 2 weeks.


This happened very suddenly yesterday: Calumet Photographic, a large distributor of photo equipment and services based in the US has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and immediately closed all stores. Even their website is down. So sad.

Photographer Trevor Paglen gets profiled on his photographic work concerning secret US military sites both on the ground and in the sky. His work reveals something beyond what is just visible by the human eye as he continues to think about why the US government has such a large budget for secrecy. Pretty interesting work.

Donald Pettit speaks at Luminance 2012 from PhotoShelter.com on Vimeo. This was an incredibly fascinating talk by Donald Pettit, a NASA astronaut who has spent over a year in space (cumulatively). Much of Pettit’s time has been spent taking photos of the space station and of Earth below. Lots of interesting tidbits of information here […]

The famous photograph known as “Lunch Atop A Skyscraper” gets its own documentary in this film called MEN AT LUNCH by Sean O’Cualain. The documentary aims to discover who these men were in this famously staged photograph above what is now 30 Rockefeller Center in NYC. If you’re a history buff and love NYC, this […]