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I’m posting this mainly because I love that giant fish head image behind Elliot Erwitt with the cigar in its mouth.

A video expose on Lewis Baltz’s photos of landscape and architecture centered mainly in Southern California. Huge inspiration. He passed away recently.


I don’t have $500 to spend here, but man would I love to own Joel Meyerowitz’s 2-volume book called Taking My Time. It’s pretty much the collected photographs of the career (so far) of one of my favorite living photographers (he’s the same guy that was given unprecedented access to photograph Ground Zero as seen […]

I don’t really care for what camera system people use — to each his own is what I always say — but it’s interesting to see Scott Kelby, a long-time Nikon shooter becoming so passionate about the Canon 1DX which he fell in love with after he used it to shoot a sports game.