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Here’s a fantastic project by a joint group of Magnum photographers who travel to distinct regions in the US to document the life there. The project is called Postcards from America.


Photographer Dana Neibert has invented this laptop plate to assist photographers shooting tethered in their daily work. The DigiPlate is a 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum plate that can hold a laptop up to 17″ and offer many ways for the computer to be secured in place. The cheese-plate design allows for the base to be repositioned […]


Photo: Jason Reed/Reuters Hmm…interesting… I had no idea that up until recently (immediately following the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden in fact) that the White House staged their press photos for photographers so that during the actual speech by the President, the clicking of the shutters would not distract viewers or the […]

OMG. According to this video above from F Stoppers, the photo team behind Sports Illustrated processes about 11,000 images PER HOUR during The Super Bowl. With numerous staff photographers on the actual stadium floor (and some in the seating area) and a number of “runners” running cards back to the main tech area, it’s safe […]