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This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. In this concept video, a woman explains the procedure for a new image algorithm that correctly and quickly identifies an object in a photo so that you can manipulate it completely in 3D.

It still baffles me that you can make a living like this. Mark Kologi sells found photos. None of them taken by him and nearly all of them just simply found or stumbled upon by him. He sorts them into bins and has sort of become a curator of sorts for ordinary images. If you’ve […]


I’m glad to know that as a photographer, my obsession with cats was also echoed by one of the greats — Walker Evans. Here are some images of his cat that he photographed.


I really love these fantastical creations by Jim Kazanjian made up from found photographs. They seem both impossible yet believable at times and look like something out of a fairy tale book. Check out some selects inside.