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Sometimes I just can’t deal with sling straps. So when that happens, I prefer a wrist or hand strap similar to The Handy Dandy Hand Strap from Photojojo. This $40 offering is one of the nicer ones I’ve seen and the only thing that sucks about it is that it doesn’t come in black. WHY?!

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Photojojo is selling the Photorito lens wrap that takes some cues from the very useful Domke F-34L 19-Inch Protective Wrap. Instead of just using plain colors, Photojojo’s makes your lens/camera look like it’s wrapped in a burrito! Don’t bite down on the wrong thing though (ha ha ha).


This is crazy. Photojojo is selling an SLR lens mount for the iPhone 4 for $190. The lens mounts via a whole separate case that you have to put around the iPhone 4 and renders the phone un-pocketable. Little details are out about the SLR lens mount for now, but it doesn’t look like the […]


Photojojo is now selling this gorgeous Expedition Tripod made out of sturdy ash wood for $290. The tripod is made in Germany and has stayed pretty much the same for 100 years (at least according to the description). And if you’re worried about what it can hold, just know that it can hold up to […]

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Get it. And then drop it in front of a photographer and watch him/her have a near heart attack. FUN!

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Photojojo is selling a replica Canon 24-105mm lens mug for $24.95. It’s back-ordered until mid-August so put your order in now so you can beat the late rush of folks who are just seeing this mug now!