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Steph Mantis made this pizza pie with slices housed in acrylic cases. If you always want pizza lying around the house, here’s a good option.

When I go to San Francisco, I will be visiting the Black Jet Baking Company for sure.


Visited the only Pie Face in the United States today. The Australian meat pie staple recently ventured State-sideĀ and opened its first 24-hour location on 53rd Street and Broadway! It’s good to have a piece of Australia here at home.


Here’s some trivia for you. Claes just found out that the little plastic “table” that sits at the center of a large pizza pie when it gets delivered is officially known as a “package saver”. It was patented on February 12, 1985 by Carmela Vitale and is still in use in many pizzerias to this […]

I bet this place smells delicious! Food Curated interviews Allison Kave, chief pie baker at First Prize Pies inside the Essex Street Market in Manhattan on what makes her pies so good. The pie shop inside the market is fairly new — only about a year old — and this is the first time I’ve […]


Thanks Bars&Pies for showing me just how little I know of the lyrics to The Macarena!