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The Telegraph just posted this amazing video of a concert pianist named Maria João Pires who realized during the concert that the orchestra was playing the wrong piece. What was she to do except panic? Well, play the other piece by memory of course! And she did!

I don’t understand why people love these Jesus pieces. From a strictly visual point of view, they are sort of ugly. Proof that if you’ve got bad taste, more money just means a life filled with more bad things.

Watch this video by Jérôme de Gerlache about a man named Jeremy Wintrebert who is dealing with cancer by making a huge glass-blown object. The video itself is interesting but a part of me wish the random straight white lines were left out. I think the piece would have stood without them.


Photo: David Zwirner Gallery Right now until October 29th at the David Zwirner Gallery at 533 W. 19th Street, artist Yutaka Sone is showing her incredible talent at carving whole marble slabs with this exhibition of a scale model marble Manhattan. Look at the details. It’s just unbelievable that somebody could do this all in […]

Artist Walter Wick stacked 117 objects on top of a single Lego piece for the Kids Gallery of the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford. Wick took about a week to perfect the balancing act and in the end used small wind-up toys to knock down the tower.