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The LEGO Sort And Store is a great accessory for any LEGO fanatic because it allows you to dump a whole mess of LEGO’s into it and have it sort the pieces automatically into small, medium, and large sizes with just a few shakes. Not sure how well this works, but the idea seems pretty […]


OMG. Please stop what you’re doing right now and watch this beautiful video below on how Paperlux created the very colorful cover for Novum magazine. The magazine isn’t just colorful, it’s lively too and that’s because it’s made in 48,000 passes and with 140 extremely detailed die cuts that allow the reader to shape the […]

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I’ve briefly mentioned the work of Jen Stark here on Doobybrain before. If you need a refresher, she’s an artist that uses precision-cut colored paper and other thin materials to create designs that pop out at you from their canvas. Up until now however, I’ve only seen her work as a still-life, but as you […]

Julia Morley built an actual ship in a bottle using LEGOs. Here’s the time-lapse video of her skillful hands maneuvering LEGO pieces with long sticks. I would never have the patience for this. [via]