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Photo: Rainier Ehrhardt / AP Seattlepi is reporting on this incredible mound of 250,000 or so tires found in Elloree, South Carolina. Nobody is quite sure how the tires got there but the property owner is being held responsible for the trash pile. The Daily Mail on the other hand is reporting that there’s about […]


I can’t even make up my own headline. This is a true news story that came out today. If you’re wondering why there was a pile of trash there, it’s because NYC hasn’t had much garbage collection since the huge snowstorm LAST SUNDAY.


Click to enlarge Photographer Jonathan Torgovnik has an incredibly heartbreaking photo of a dump truck dumping bodies and earthquake debris into a large pit in Haiti. According to this video from CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the bodies are piling up so quickly from the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti that there’s no room for the […]


Romain Laurent has captured my life story in this photograph of shoes piled up in front of a closet. World Famous Design Junkies has more images of Romain’s work in this series related to junk piles. Interesting work to say the least.